The World's First
Global Music Competition.

Music World Cup® gives artists from any corner of the world, and any walk of life, an equal opportunity to represent their country, and compete to be the top artist on a global stage.

Built for the entire
Music industry.

Music World Cup® is a content distribution and talent scouting network, built exclusively for the music industry. It has created a purpose-built online video platform for engaging consumers, entertaining fans, driving traffic and activating sales. The contest-based marketing platform combines the powers of user-generated content, fan participation and social media to drive high-impact, branded entertainment experiences.

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Powered by

Through the application of cutting-edge blockchain technology, and the introduction of the Bagua Coin, Music World Cup® enables artists to manage complete ownership of their content and earn direct royalty shares through encoded smart contract operations. Additionally, supporters will be able to earn rewards in Bagua Coins for engaging on the platform and helping promote talent across the social media ecosystem.

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An Incentivized Social Platform.

Manage Content

Upload original creations, and manage ownership & licensing rights.

Browse Artists

Find and follow artists through multiple genres, countries, ratings and more.

Promote and Earn

Consume, curate, share, and earn rewards for engaging on the platform.

Earn Royalties

Earn direct royalty shares every time your content is consumed on the platform.

Vote for Artists

Vote for your favorite artists and support them all the way to the world stage.

Curate Content

Users can create playlists of their favorite tracks and share them with others.

The Music World Cup® Journey.

Music World Cup® will fill the space left untouched on a global level, establishing an online presence through the social platform, and expanding it’s reach offline, through strong relationships with leading broadcast networks and live studio events.

  1. Q4 2014

    Music World Cup ® conceptualized an idea to impact the music industry like never before. By bring this concept to life, the seed for investment was put into place and the process for development began. This allowed thorough tech research to provide its future audience with a user and consumer-friendly platform.

  2. Q1 2015

    Music World Cup ® shortly focused its branding efforts on visuals, design and theme to further its initiatives for the perfect digital era. By also setting a business plan into motion, MWC was able to achieve a global accessibility assessment.

  3. Q2 2015

    Still determined to solidify its presence, Music World Cup ® as a company was officially registered and ready for business. This quarter would solely be dedicated to investigating the market in full depth while seeking the perfect methodology for internet and mobile penetration.

  4. Q3 2015

    By further evaluating external factors, Music World Cup ® was able to determine the influential variables of their platform that contributed to refining a voting algorithm. Such accomplishments were accompanied by the validation of a Host City and Sponsor Partnership

  5. Q4 2015

    By establishing music industry acceptance and support, Music World Cup ® was successful in securing a co-existing agreement for global trademarking support with FIFA. Simultaneously, the finalization of MWC’s user stories and mobile web technology was now ready for platform integration.

  6. Q1 2016

    Now officially a registered trademark, Music World Cup ® digitized its presence with the development of 5802000220 as an online platform. With persistence and effort, Music World Cup was successful in procuring the second round of seed investments for furthering the platforms development.

  7. Q2 2016

    With the ongoing development of Music World Cup ®, the conception of it’s branding and merchandising design/development was brought to life. This is also where the design of the system architecture would also be developed.

  8. Q3 2016

    Slowly approaching its business vision, Music World Cup ® developed sales material for preparation of Host City acquisitions, seeked 3rd party media valuation, and integrate AWS to cover any required computing functionalities.

  9. Q4 2016

    Along with the deployment of their database manager and roll out of social channels, Music World Cup ® also secured negotiation licenses with PRS, GEMA, STIM and ASCAP to follow regulation of lawful content uploads. Music World Cup ® would also go on to accomplish a Proof of Concept to demonstrate their design as feasibility for: artists as creators, a functioning network that broadcasts and a method for increasing exposure.

  10. Q1 2017

    With the start of an exciting year, Music World Cup ® would successfully secure partnerships with world class directors, producers, and Berklee College of Music while gaining the interest of 3,500 artists from 75 countries to their platform. This would also allow for Music World Cup ® to setup an independent staging environment.

  11. Q2 2017

    By defining competition rules, regulations, and privacy policies, Music World Cup enhances its legitimacy as a competitive music platform. This would garner the support of celebrity endorsements for mentorship programs and global merchandising licensing partnerships.

  12. G3 2017

    Music World Cup ® completes the finalization of licenses from PRS, GEMA, STIM and ASCAP for content uploads while securing the global Country Finals licensing partnership. Clearance forms would be cleared and global Telco partnerships for voting would be secured.

  13. G4 2017

    The implementation of CRM and social clouds would be integrated in Music World Cups ® platform to expand any customer relations initiative. In contrast, securements of partnerships with Oracle for database management across 8 billion profiles would be established and a contract to produce the MWC album with major music labels would be underway. Inaugural Host City for the live finals in Las Vegas for 2019 would also go on to be secured.

  14. G1 2018

    Music World Cup ® releases the Beta platform refinements and updates while integrating global payment gateways for eCommerce transaction on the platform. Partnerships with a tech company for TGE launch and TGE marketing agency would be secured while forming a steering committee and advisory board.

  15. G2 2018

    Music World Cup ® executes the process of its business and white paper development to extend and refine its visions for artists and investors, sets up a TGE foundation and corporate structure, and registers Music World Cup Academy Foundation (#OneWorldOneLove). The deployment of a Coin based ecosystem for eCommerce transactions is also launched as well as a securement of a programmatic advertising partner for publishers.

  16. G3 2018

    Music World Cup ® reaches its final platform testing, secures a media launch event and announces its 2018/19 program. Music World Cup ® launches their TGE marketing campaign as refinements are made on MWCs whitepaper. Securement of a broadcast partnerships for distribution across 1.7 billion households is signed.

  17. G4 2018

    The Music World Cup ® platform has now been launched and updated with a Rights Management blockchain application. The launch of Music World Cups ® wallet is released with a referral that features the final UX with focus groups, private TGE, public TGE, a new global brand to a worldwide audience, and final refinements of the whitepaper based on private sale results. Music World Cup also has always cleared approval from Regulatory Authority in recognized jurisdictions.

  18. Q1 2019

    Listing of Music World Cups ® token on reputable exchanges awaits.

The Music World Cup®
Initial Coin Offering .

Token Sale Breakdown.

  • Token Sale Summary
  • Token Name Bagua Coin(BGC)
  • Token Type ERC20
  • ICO Stages 3
  • Total Token Supply 1,500,000,000.00
  • Private & Pre-Sale Cap $160,000,000.00
  • Hard Cap Uncapped
  • Private Sale Duration 1 Sept, 2018 - 31 Oct, 2018
  • Pre-Sale Duration 1 Nov, 2018 - 31 Jan, 2019
  • Public Sale Duration 1 Fed, 2019 - Sale of all tokens
  • Currencies Accepted BTC, ETH, EUR, USD
  • Max Discount per stage 25%
  • Minimum Token Price (Pubilc Sale) $1.00

Music World Cup® will launch the Bagua Coin through an ICO in order to raise funds for developing the blockchain aspects of the platform and to help facilitate it’s first year of operations.

Token Sale Breakdown.

Stage Discount Price Tokens Sold Unsold Tokens Status
Private-sale Stage 1 50% $0.34 57,000,000 0 Complete
Private-sale Stage 2 25% $0.51 28,895,875.25 28,104,125.25 Active
Pre-sale Stage 1 15% $0.58 0 57,000,000 pending
Pre-sale Stage 2 0% $0.68 0 57,000,000 pending
Public 50% $1.58 0 8,400,000 pending

Supply Allocation.

9%Payout Pool
1%Bounty Pool

ICO Funds Allocation.


A Team that knows what
they’re doing.

Music World Cup® is brought to you by the Producers and Directors of some of the most successful television shows and live events in recent history.

Raymond O'Hora


Troels Lund


Florian Wieder


Kasper Lange


Falk Rosenthal


Robert Blagman

Board member,(NYAMA)

Ralph Simon


Ron Grant

Joey Harris

Ian Bushell

Mark Krais

Corey Stanford


Dana Al Salem

Christopher Fernandez

Founder & CEO

Chad Fernandez

Co-founder & CIO

Anthony Lauriola

Chief Operating Officer

Aden Vaz

Chief Administrative Off.

Bayden Austin

Chief Product Officer

Sakaar Bhatia

Chief Blockchain Officer

Proshanta Sarkar

Blockchain Architect